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Type Ranged
Health Fragile (110)
Movement Speed Average (3.9)
Size Average (0.6)
Gold Battle Coin Icon.png 5800
Diamonds Diamond Icon.png 900
Zander Portrait.jpg
When the famous theatre troupe "The Phantomime Masquerade" disbanded after a series of tragic events, their magnificent magician Zander vanished without a trace. Known for his unparalleled perfection in card trickery, teleportation, duplication and transformation, this distinguished illusionist has now returned from the dead to turn the otherwise ceremonial arenas world-wide into spectacular revelries.
The Magnificent Magician


Ability Border Black.pngTrick Shot icon.png
Trick Shot
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.35s
Throw two magical cards. Each card deals 7 / 7.6 / 8.1 / 8.7 damage to enemies and applies Battlerite Border Green.pngTrick Shot icon.pngHearts to allies.
Hearts: Restores 10 / 10.8 / 11.6 / 12.4 health over 4s.
Legendary Bonus: With the help from your Illusions, hitting with at least three cards inflicts Fading Snare for 0.4s.
Ability Border Black.pngGrand Conjuration icon.png
Grand Conjuration
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time1s
A piercing projectile that deals 34 / 36.7 / 39.4 / 42.2 damage and inflicts Battlerite Border Red.pngGrand Conjuration icon.pngArcane Catalyst. Bounces upon wall hit up to 1 time but can't hit an enemy more than once.
Arcane Catalyst: Target takes 20% more damage for 3s.
Damage Reduction Per Hit: 40%
Legendary Bonus: Ability Border Black.pngGrand Conjuration icon.pngGrand Conjuration bounces up to 2 times instead and has 20% increased ranged.
Ability Border Black.pngMirror Image icon.png
Mirror Image
Cooldown icon.png
12s / 10.8s / 9.6s / 8.4s
Cast Time0.1s
Mobility, Summon
Turn immaterial and dash in target direction, leaving an Battlerite Border Green.pngMirror Image icon.pngIllusion where you stood.
Air Time: 0.6s
Illusion: A duplicate that copies your Ability Border Black.pngTrick Shot icon.pngTrick Shot casts, throwing a single card. Illusions can not be interrupted and gain no energy.
Illusion Health: 30
Duration: 4s
Legendary Bonus: Your first Ability Border Black.pngTrick Shot icon.pngTrick Shot after using Ability Border Black.pngMirror Image icon.pngMirror Image includes an additional card for you.
Ability Border Black.pngPortal icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
13s / 11.7s / 10.4s / 9.1s
Cast Time0.1s
Place a portal at target location that teleports allies one at a time, removing them from the fight for 1.4s before reappearing at a target destination of their choice. Teleporting an Battlerite Border Green.pngMirror Image icon.pngIllusion increases its duration by 1s and grants you the ability to recast Ability Border Black.pngPortal icon.pngPortal to pick its target destination.
Duration: 4s
Recast Duration: 4s
Legendary Bonus: Using Ability Border Black.pngPortal icon.pngPortal transforms you into a rabbit with 80% increased movement speed for 1.5s.
Ability Border Black.pngSheep Trick icon.png
Sheep Trick
Cooldown icon.png
Energy icon.png
Cast Time0.3s
Turn enemies inside target area into harmless creatures, reducing movement speed by 40% and rendering them unable to use any abilities for 2s / 2.3s / 2.6s / 2.9s. If the target takes 20 damage, the effect is broken.
Impact Delay: 0.9s
Legendary Bonus: Summons an Battlerite Border Green.pngMirror Image icon.pngIllusion when you inflict Sheep Form on at least one enemy.
Ability Border Black.pngSpotlight icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
12s / 11.4s / 10.8s / 10.2s
Cast Time0.3s
Healing, AoE
Enlighten target location, healing allies for 24 / 26.9 / 29.8 / 32.6 health over 2.5s.
Impact Delay: 0.55s
Legendary Bonus: While you stand in the Ability Border Black.pngSpotlight icon.pngSpotlight, your Ability Border Black.pngTrick Shot icon.pngTrick Shot inflicts Blind. The Blind gets stronger with each hit.
70Ability Border Black.pngThe Prestige icon.png
The Prestige
Cooldown icon.png
Cast Time0.6s
Conjure a Battlerite Border Green.pngThe Prestige icon.pngGrand Illusion at target position.
Grand Illusion: Copies your Ability Border Black.pngTrick Shot icon.pngTrick Shot and Ability Border Black.pngGrand Conjuration icon.pngGrand Conjuration casts. The illusion will also assist you in performing Ability Border Black.pngSheep Trick icon.pngSheep Trick, increasing its radius by 25%.
Illusion Health: 50
Duration: 6s

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