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When you see the event message "There is a Mysterious Orb appearing somewhere on the map!" then an orb looking like the below is placed randomly somewhere on the map. You CANNOT see where this is on the map like you can for Air Drops. It emits a hum similar to the one a Legendary chest does. Unlocking a Mysterious Orb will temporarily transform you into a Werebear with special abilities.

Orb[edit | edit source]

Unlock the Orb by using your Interact key (default is L-Shift). After a few seconds of unlocking, you will transform into a werebeast.

Werebear orb.png

Werebear[edit | edit source]

The werebear gives you special abilities instead of your normal ones.

Werebear transform.png

There are 4 unique abilities that you get as the Werebear. You can't use your other ones.

Werebear icons.png

Swipe (LMB)[edit | edit source]

Cleaving attack that deals 17 damage. Cast Time: 0.2s

Werebear Basic.png

Dash (RMB)[edit | edit source]

Dash forward and bash away the nearest enemy, dealing 10 damage and inflicting Stun when they land. Cast Time: 0.7s. Cooldown: 6s

Werebear Jump2.png

Wrecking Ball (Space)[edit | edit source]

Leap to target location, slamming the ground when you land to deal 20 damage and inflict Snare on nearby enemies. Cast Time: 0.1s. Air Time: 1s. Cooldown: 7s

Werebear Jump1.png

Berserker Rush (Q)[edit | edit source]

Rush forward, slashing repeatedly along the way and pushing enemies in front of you. Deals up to 50 damage. Cast Time: 0.7s. Cooldown: 16s

Werebear swipe.png