Battlerite Royale Wiki

Table structure:

  • champion - String
  • name - String
  • type - String
  • rarity - String
  • event - String
  • event_year - Integer
  • image - String
  • game_id - Integer

This table has 447 rows altogether.

Page champion name type rarity event event year image game id
Cosmetic Data Alysia A Graceful Victory Pose Rare Alysia_Pose2.jpeg 13
Cosmetic Data Alysia A Winter Snack Pose Rare Lunar Year 2,017 Alysia_Pose7.jpeg 18
Cosmetic Data Alysia A Work of Art Pose Rare Alysia_Pose4.jpeg 15
Cosmetic Data Alysia Burning Chill Outfit Rare Alysia_BurningChill.jpeg 3
Cosmetic Data Alysia Cold Teal Outfit Rare Alysia_ColdTeal.jpeg 4
Cosmetic Data Alysia Deal With It Pose Rare Alysia_Pose3.jpeg 14
Cosmetic Data Alysia Default Outfit Normal Alysia_Default.jpeg 1
Cosmetic Data Alysia Default Pose Normal Alysia_Pose1.jpeg 12
Cosmetic Data Alysia Frost Specter Outfit Epic Alysia_FrostSpectre.jpeg 7
Cosmetic Data Alysia Frosty Blonde Outfit Rare Alysia_FrostyBlonde.jpeg 2
Cosmetic Data Alysia Hopefully Sweet Pose Rare Alysia_Pose6.jpeg 17
Cosmetic Data Alysia Icy Magenta Outfit Rare Alysia_IcyMagenta.jpeg 5
Cosmetic Data Alysia Pale Conjurer Outfit Epic Alysia_PaleConjurer.jpeg 6
Cosmetic Data Alysia Regalia of the Frost Witch Outfit Legendary Alysia_FrostWitch.jpeg 10
Cosmetic Data Alysia Regalia of the Ice Sovereign Outfit Legendary Alysia_IcySovereign.jpeg 8
Cosmetic Data Alysia Regalia of the Master Artisan Outfit Legendary Alysia_MasterArtisan.jpeg 9
Cosmetic Data Alysia Relaxing Pose Rare Alysia_Pose5.jpeg 16
Cosmetic Data Alysia Royal Sculptor Outfit Legendary Lunar Year 2,017 Alysia_RoyalSculptor.jpeg 11
Cosmetic Data Ashka Batwing Cuffs Weapon Epic Halloween 2,016 Weapon_Ashka_BatwingCuffs.png 33
Cosmetic Data Ashka Blue Outfit Rare Outfit_Ashka_Blue.png 21
Cosmetic Data Ashka Burning Doom Cuffs Weapon Legendary Weapon_Ashka_BurningDoomCuffs.png 34
Cosmetic Data Ashka Corrupted Doom Cuffs Weapon Legendary Weapon_Ashka_CorruptedDoomCuffs.png 35
Cosmetic Data Ashka Default Outfit Normal Outfit_Ashka_Default.png 19
Cosmetic Data Ashka Default Pose Normal Outfit_Ashka_Default.png 36
Cosmetic Data Ashka Default Weapon Normal Outfit_Ashka_Default.png 24
Cosmetic Data Ashka Ember Bracers Weapon Normal Weapon_Ashka_EmberBracers.png 25
Cosmetic Data Ashka Flame On Pose Rare Pose_Ashka_FlameOn.png 38
Cosmetic Data Ashka Noble Bracers Weapon Normal Weapon_Ashka_NobleBracers.png 26
Cosmetic Data Ashka Noble Furry Armbands Weapon Rare Weapon_Ashka_NobleFurryArmbands.png 29
Cosmetic Data Ashka Noble Masked Cuffs Weapon Epic Weapon_Ashka_NobleMaskedCuffs.png 32
Cosmetic Data Ashka Olive Outfit Rare Outfit_Ashka_Olive.png 20
Cosmetic Data Ashka Royal Flame Outfit Epic Outfit_Ashka_RoyalFlame.png 23
Cosmetic Data Ashka Scorched Outfit Epic Outfit_Ashka_Scorched.png 22
Cosmetic Data Ashka Scorched Furry Armbands Weapon Rare Weapon_Ashka_ScorchedFurryArmbands.png 28
Cosmetic Data Ashka Scorched Masked Cuffs Weapon Epic Weapon_Ashka_ScorchedMaskedCuffs.png 31
Cosmetic Data Ashka Steel Furry Armbands Weapon Rare Weapon_Ashka_SteelFurryArmbands.png 27
Cosmetic Data Ashka Steel Masked Cuffs Weapon Epic Weapon_Ashka_SteelMaskedCuffs.png 30
Cosmetic Data Ashka Thumbs Up Pose Rare Pose_Ashka_ThumbsUp.png 37
Cosmetic Data Bakko Blood Red Guard Weapon Rare Weapon_Bakko_BloodRedGuard.png 49
Cosmetic Data Bakko Bronze Protector Weapon Epic Weapon_Bakko_BronzeProtector.png 54
Cosmetic Data Bakko Dark Teal Guard Weapon Rare Weapon_Bakko_DarkTealGuard.png 51
Cosmetic Data Bakko Deep Blue Guard Weapon Rare Weapon_Bakko_DeepBlueGuard.png 50
Cosmetic Data Bakko Default Outfit Normal Outfit_Bakko_Default.png 39
Cosmetic Data Bakko Default Pose Normal Outfit_Bakko_Default.png 59
Cosmetic Data Bakko Default Weapon Normal Outfit_Bakko_Default.png 44
Cosmetic Data Bakko Fiery Yellow Armament Weapon Normal Weapon_Bakko_FieryYellowArmament.png 47
Cosmetic Data Bakko Fiery Yellow Guard Outfit Rare Outfit_Bakko_FieryYellowGuard.png 40
Cosmetic Data Bakko Forest Warrior Outfit Epic Outfit_Bakko_ForestWarrior.png 42
Cosmetic Data Bakko Fortified Bone Breaker Weapon Legendary Weapon_Bakko_FortifiedBoneBreaker.png 57
Cosmetic Data Bakko Frost Giant Skull Weapon Epic Winter 2,016 Weapon_Bakko_FrostGiantSkull.png 56
Cosmetic Data Bakko Glory Pose Rare Pose_Bakko_Glory.png 60
Cosmetic Data Bakko Gold Armament Weapon Normal Weapon_Bakko_GoldArmament.png 46
Cosmetic Data Bakko Golden Warrior Outfit Epic Outfit_Bakko_GoldenWarrior.png 43
Cosmetic Data Bakko Hallow's Guard Weapon Epic Halloween 2,016 Weapon_Bakko_HallowsGuard.png 55
Cosmetic Data Bakko Hero Pose Rare Pose_Bakko_Hero.png 61
Cosmetic Data Bakko Oak Armament Weapon Normal Weapon_Bakko_OakArmament.png 45
Cosmetic Data Bakko Oak Protector Weapon Epic Weapon_Bakko_OakProtector.png 53
Cosmetic Data Bakko Reinforced Bone Breaker Weapon Legendary Weapon_Bakko_ReinforcedBoneBreaker.png 58
Cosmetic Data Bakko Steel Blue Armament Weapon Normal Weapon_Bakko_SteelBlueArmament.png 48
Cosmetic Data Bakko Steel Blue Guard Outfit Rare Outfit_Bakko_SteelBlueGuard.png 41
Cosmetic Data Bakko Steel Protector Weapon Epic Weapon_Bakko_SteelProtector.png 52
Cosmetic Data Croak Black Devil Outfit Epic Outfit_Croak_BlackDevil.png 66
Cosmetic Data Croak Butcher's Blades Weapon Epic Halloween 2,016 Weapon_Croak_ButchersBlades.png 76
Cosmetic Data Croak Crimson Red Outfit Rare Outfit_Croak_CrimsonRed.png 63
Cosmetic Data Croak Dark Tsunami Blades Weapon Epic Weapon_Croak_DarkTsunamiBlades.png 75
Cosmetic Data Croak Default Outfit Normal Outfit_Croak_Default.png 62
Cosmetic Data Croak Default Pose Normal Outfit_Croak_Default.png 80
Cosmetic Data Croak Default Weapon Normal Outfit_Croak_Default.png 67
Cosmetic Data Croak Forest Green Outfit Rare Outfit_Croak_ForestGreen.png 64
Cosmetic Data Croak Frost Blades Weapon Epic Winter 2,016 Weapon_Croak_FrostBlades.png 77
Cosmetic Data Croak Gold Champion Blades Weapon Rare Weapon_Croak_GoldChampionBlades.png 70
Cosmetic Data Croak Jungle Blades Weapon Normal Weapon_Croak_JungleBlades.png 69
Cosmetic Data Croak Jungle Champion Blades Weapon Rare Weapon_Croak_JungleChampionBlades.png 71
Cosmetic Data Croak Jungle Tsunami Blades Weapon Epic Weapon_Croak_JungleTsunamiBlades.png 74
Cosmetic Data Croak Look at the Crowd Pose Rare Pose_Croak_LookAtTheCrowd.png 82
Cosmetic Data Croak Poisonous Deathblades Weapon Legendary Weapon_Croak_PoisonousDeathblades.png 78
Cosmetic Data Croak Ready to Strike Pose Rare Pose_Croak_ReadyToStrike.png 81
Cosmetic Data Croak Red Devil Outfit Epic Outfit_Croak_RedDevil.png 65
Cosmetic Data Croak Steel Blades Weapon Normal Weapon_Croak_SteelBlades.png 68
Cosmetic Data Croak Steel Champion Blades Weapon Rare Weapon_Croak_SteelChampionBlades.png 72
Cosmetic Data Croak Steel Tsunami Blades Weapon Epic Weapon_Croak_SteelTsunamiBlades.png 73
Cosmetic Data Croak Venomous Deathblades Weapon Legendary Weapon_Croak_VenomousDeathblades.png 79
Cosmetic Data Destiny Anticipation Pose Rare Destiny_Pose6.jpeg 99
Cosmetic Data Destiny Awful Cookies Pose Rare Destiny_Pose7.jpeg 100
Cosmetic Data Destiny Commander of the Eastern Skies Outfit Legendary Destiny_East_Commander.jpeg 91
Cosmetic Data Destiny Commander of the Northern Skies Outfit Legendary Destiny_North_Commander.jpeg 90
Cosmetic Data Destiny Commander of the Western Skies Outfit Legendary Destiny_West_Commander.jpeg 92
Cosmetic Data Destiny Default Outfit Normal Destiny_Default_Out.jpeg 83
Cosmetic Data Destiny Default Pose Normal Destiny_Pose1.jpeg 94
Cosmetic Data Destiny Dragon Turtle Commander Outfit Legendary Lunar Year 2,017 Destiny_Dragon_Turtle.jpeg 93
Cosmetic Data Destiny Heavy Trooper Outfit Epic Destiny_Heavy_Trooper.jpeg 88
Cosmetic Data Destiny Lime Outfit Rare Destiny_Lime.jpeg 86
Cosmetic Data Destiny Navy Blue Outfit Rare Destiny_Navy_Blue.jpeg 84
Cosmetic Data Destiny Ready to Strike Pose Rare Destiny_Pose3.jpeg 96
Cosmetic Data Destiny Relaxing Pose Rare Destiny_Pose2.jpeg 95
Cosmetic Data Destiny Royal Trooper Outfit Epic Destiny_Royal_Trooper.jpeg 89
Cosmetic Data Destiny Saffron Outfit Rare Destiny_Saffron.jpeg 85
Cosmetic Data Destiny Sky Hero Pose Rare Destiny_Pose5.jpeg 98
Cosmetic Data Destiny Sweet Victory Pose Rare Destiny_Pose4.jpeg 97
Cosmetic Data Destiny Teal Outfit Rare Destiny_Teal.jpeg 87