Battlerite Royale Wiki

Health is a floating point (decimal) number used to denote any champion's current health. Incoming damage reduces a champion's amount of HP, if the HP reaches 0, said champion dies. Champions have different maximum health that can be increased by picking up various equipment items.

True and Recovery health[]

In Battlerite, a champion’s health pool is divided into two different values – True health and Recovery health. Recovery health acts like a 40HP barrier/shield that absorbs incoming damage. Recovery health can be replenished using self-healing abilities and certain consumables. Any damage dealt past the 40HP mark reduces champion’s maximum (True) HP, which makes burst damage more valuable than sustained damage. The Death Vortex skips the Recovery health and deals True damage instantly.

Ways to replenish True health[]

There are several ways to replenish a champion’s True health:

Note: all of the aforementioned ways to replenish True health leave the Recovery health untouched unless the healing excesses champion’s max health. Excessive healing is then converted to Recovery health.