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Gold is the currency used in Battlerite Royale. You can Upgrade and Buy new Items from Merchants randomly scattered around the battleground. Maximum amount of Gold Player can carry is 900g.

You can see the cost of Items and Equipment on their page, but Items are usually 40g for a Common, 50g for a Rare, 70g for an Epic, and 100g for a Legendary.

Equipment is generally 60g for a Common, 120g for a Rare, 180g for an Epic, and 360g for a Legendary. You will get a discount if you have a lower quality item, which is equal to half of the cost of the item. For example, if you had an Epic Breastplate, a Legendary Breastplate would cost 270g, because you get half of the 180g the Epic Breastplate cost discounted off the Legendary price when you trade it in (happens automatically).