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An ability is an action that your champion can make. Each ability has a function; damage, healing, mobility, control, or a combination of any. Champions in Battlerite Royale have access to 7 abilities, each of which provide a unique effect. Abilities can also be divided into two categories: Basic and Ultimate. Using an ability invokes a cooldown, which is a timer that is unique to each ability and blocks any further use until the timer is up. Cooldowns are unique to each ability and champion, so please see that champion's page for specific values. Energy is the resource used to cast an Ultimate ability, and is gained in small percentages by hitting enemies with your Basic abilities.

Types of Abilities[]

Basic Abilities[]

Each champion has access to 6 basic abilities. The rest are only restricted by their Cooldown value. Generally, the LMB (Left Click) ability has no cooldown and is free to use as much as you want, but the other 5 all have varying cooldown times. The default controls for these abilities are as follows:

LMB.png LMB (Left mouse button)
RMB.png RMB (Right mouse button)

Ultimate ability[]

Every champion has an ultimate ability that is incredibly powerful, but costs 100% energy to use, so it must be used wisely. The default key for this is F. Keep in mind that some ultimates (ones that are channeled over a period of time) can be interrupted by other champion's abilities, which will cancel your ultimate. However, you will gain energy back proportional to the duration left on your channel. For example, if your ultimate lasts 3 seconds, and you were interrupted 1 second into your cast, you would gain ~66% energy back (Note: numbers are not final, further testing is required).


Each ability have 4 different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

The difference between Common, Rare and Epic abilities is not that significant as between Epic and Legendary abilities. For example when Common LMB does 10 damage, the Rare LMB will do 12 damage and Epic LMB will do 14 damage. But Legendary LMB will do 16 damage and also provide additional bonus, for example increasing LMB range by 20%.

Ultimate ability doesn't have any rarity as far it's considered as fight changer due its overwhelming power.

Ability Behaviors[]

Abilities can take many different forms and are usually referred to as a certain type of attack. A brief explanation of each type is below. Keep in mind that an ability may be categorized under many of these and can be used offensively or defensively in a given situation.

Area of Effect (AoE)[]

An AoE consists of a pre-determined area (depending on the ability), and will affect all champions within that area. Note that the effects of this and who it affects is all specific to the ability. There are many specific types of AoE, as well. When referring to the epicenter, this means what the center of the area is, or where it starts out.

Cone spells[]

Epicenter: player, shoots out in front of self at 90°-180°

Point blank AoE[]

Epicenter: player, shoots out around self at 360°

Ground-target AoE[]

Epicenter: target location, shoots out around mouse position at 360°

Chain spells[]

Epicenter: afflicted target, will affect any other enemies within the area around the afflicted target (i.e. Tazer)

Cleave effects[]

Epicenter: target location (generally melee range), shoots out in front of self at 0°-90°


A channeling ability generally lasts for 1-5 seconds. It also means that while casting, using any other ability will cancel the channel. You are also vulnerable to being interrupted at any point during the channel. Movement is usually restricted as well, but this is not always the case.

Target Location/Travel[]

Abilities that displace the user and/or target. Often, mobility abilities have invincibility frames, a duration during the animation of an ability that grants immunity to damage and crowd control from all enemies.


Abilities that are melee have cast ranges that are short and directly in front of the caster.


Abilities that are projectiles travel from the caster towards a direction at a set range. Projectiles that are collision based will stop and inflict its damage/effect upon hitting an enemy. Projectiles that pierce will continue to travel through enemies until it reaches its maximum range. Projectiles will also stop upon hitting terrain.


Abilities that can reflect will send projectiles back towards the initial direction of fire.